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Hello, my name is Judy Mueller. and I want to tell you about the “wonder rub” that soothes my pain every time it flares up! It changed my life. And I pray it will change yours. Here’s my story
You may call me a “country bumpkin”. But I sure know a lot about pain. Let me explain
It all started when my friend Kim was in a terrible tractor accident. And sometimes his pain was difficult to deal with. That’s why I spent a lot of time taking care of him. But one day when I came to his house, Kim was smiling. I was shocked. Because I didn’t see him smile in a very long time.

I asked him why he was so happy. His smile got even bigger. And told me how he found a pain relief rub called PAIN BUST-R II® at our local supermarket. To make a long story short, he was thrilled to finally get some relief! Especially after dealing with pain for so many years.

Kim was excited. And I was happy for him but, back then, pain wasn’t something I had to deal with very often. I was able to take care of my 3-acre farm, work a full-time job and still find time to take care of him.

But then everything changed for me. The Day My Pain Started

I got into a horrible car accident then another, and then once again. You can’t imagine how uncomfortable I was! Especially in my knees, neck and back. It became difficult to go to work. 

The pain from the three accidents was bad enough. But when my arthritis kicked in…It was like a nightmare! I went through a lot of physical therapy. It helped a little but the arthritis pain just wouldn’t go away. 

I Couldn’t Sleep Comfortably!

My pain used to wake me up. So I’d wind up watching TV all night long just to take my mind off it. I was always exhausted. I had to do something. I was willing to do anything for relief. So I tried all sorts of ointments, salves, liniments and creams. But they just didn’t do the trick. I hated the blast of cold or terrible heat a lot of these rubs relied on. Sometimes they made my pain feel even worse!

Starts Working on Contact!

Kim insisted I try PAIN BUST-R II. I was skeptical. Because by then, I thought I tried everything. But when I rubbed PAIN BUST-R II onto my back, neck and knees, something amazing happened RELIEF! My pain didn’t bother me as much. I was shocked how great PAIN BUST-R II works! Now I rub it in where it hurts every day. And it feels great! My pain calms down. And I feel so much better. PAIN BUST-R II is a real blessing! That’s why I’m writing to you today!

Just Rub it in and You’re Good to Go!

What I like best is how you don’t need a lot of strength to apply PAIN BUST-R II. I just gently soothe it on to where it hurts, and I feel better. PAIN BUST-R II starts working on contact. 

At the end of the day, I take my shower, rub PAIN BUST-R II on again and comfortably settle in for the evening.

Now My Whole Family Uses It! 

I’ve turned many people onto PAIN BUST-R II. For example, my son has bad knees and he uses it now. My daughter broke her tailbone 3 times and now she uses it constantly. We always try to keep a couple of tubes on hand just in case anyone else needs it.

My mother really suffered with joint pain. PAIN BUST-R II really helps her too. 

I rub PAIN BUST-R II onto her back. Before PAIN BUST-R II her discomfort was really getting to her.

I Used to Have Drawers Full of Pain Products

You name it and I tried it. But PAIN BUST-R II is the one that works for me! From time to time, I try new pain products. They all say they’re the best, but I’m always disappointed. One product cost me over $30-bucks. And it was for a jar that held about a tablespoon. It was a real rip-off. I won’t waste money on any other product now. I’m sticking with PAIN BUST-R II. I figure why mess with a good thing? Right?

“Like a Vacation from Arthritis PAIN!”

Listen…I have chronic pain and I know nothing is going to take it away completely. But PAIN BUST-R II takes it away for a time. So I can do my work or rest without pain getting in the way. Now, I can live my life without the aching arthritis pain ruining my day. PAIN BUST-R II lets me comfortably walk or move and visit with friends and family anytime. I call it a vacation from pain.

Praise God!

We’re religious people and I share PAIN BUST-R II with my whole church. We watch out for each other and care for each other. I’m very grateful for anything that keeps me active. I thank the Lord every night for PAIN BUST-R II. 

If you suffer from Arthritis or any other kind of pain, you really ought to try PAIN BUST-R II. It really helps me get through the day. I don’t know what I’d do without it.

All my best
Judy Mueller

20 years ago, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Disease. I am now 79 years old. My father saw the pain I was having and he sent me an ad for Pain Buster II. I tried it reluctantly because I had tried everything on the market and to no avail. I now have Degenerative Disc Disease and I gain relief from it also with your product. I know people like to criticize but they never give praise where praise is due. My purpose for this letter is to let you know I love Pain Buster II. Thank you ever so much for your Pain Buster II. I cannot live without it. I have tried them all and it is the Gold Star Winner for my pain. 

Thank you,
B.W., Washington, NC

I have been using Pain Bust-R(II) for a couple of years. It is the best. Works better than any of the nationally advertised brands. I have arthritis in both of my hands, severe, due to a lifetime of doing mechanic work. Doing everyday tasks such as picking up a glass or turning a door handle was difficult. It also works great for my back and knees…you have a great product and I have told all of my friends about it.

Thank you very much.
D.T, North Creek, NY

Pain Bust R (is) the best pain reliever in the whole world. It relieves my arthritis (pain) in a few seconds. I am 80 and I have never found medicine like Pain Bust R. Thank you very much.

E.R., Largo, FL

I will be in chronic pain for the rest of my life and on painkillers all day every day, but your PainBust R II seems to always work way better than meds. I don’t know what I would do without this stuff. I have my whole family using when they have the need for pain relief. 

B.C., Corpus Christi, TX

Thank you for your product and it does all you claim and much more. 

James & Diane B., FL

A few months ago while visiting my sister at her home, my arm was hurting, so she rubbed it with Pain Bust R II Cream. The cream relieved my pain. Since then I’ve used the cream on my arms and legs for any ache, pain or soreness that occur(s). I’ve recommended it to others as well as let them know how much it has helped me. Thanks for your product. 

P.B, Martinez, GA

I have fibromyalgia, arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis in my right knee, back surgery and sciatic pain for over 10 years now. I hurt (in) about 90% of my body. Your product has helped me tremendously. I have tried everything on the market until I came across your product (even horse liniment!) 

Karen V. Highland, MI

It is the best ointment I have ever used for relief of leg spasm at nighttime. Have suffered for the past 2 years with intense pain and found this ointment has given me great relief.

Marion M., Deerfield Beach, Florida

Thank you for having that Pain Bust-R II. It sure works fast on pain.


I’ve always said “they can go to the moon but they can’t help anyone who suffers with arthritis”. Now I can’t say that anymore. It’s a miracle how much Pain Bust R II helps.


I suffer from arthritis in my legs and back. The first time I used Pain Bust-R II the pain was gone. This is the best pain rub I’ve ever used.


I have to say this Pain Bust-R II is the best of the best.


I use Pain Bust-R II cream for arthritis and muscular pain all the time and nothing works better or faster.


A miracle product without it I can’t move. I can still live alone thanks to this excellent product.

S. H.

I have tried many creams for pain but Pain Bust-R II is the best.

G. R.

Many thanks for sending your Pain Bust-R II. It has worked like nothing I have. It is a pleasure to get up in the morning.


Wow! What a wonderful product. Thank you so much. It is a must in our home.


Your product Pain Bust-R II has really been a lifesaver for me. I am a 75 year old woman who suffered from Arthritis and Bursitis for years and since finding your wonderful product I can manage to do my daily routines.


My wife was recently diagnosed as having arthritis. Her doctor recommended several medications, none of which seemed to do much good. She tried Pain Bust-R II and said it was the only thing that gives her any relief. 


My husband and I have used Pain Bust-R II for 20 years. We both feel that it is the best on the market for relief of pain. Thank you for making one of the finest ointments.


I highly recommend this special cream for arthritis to my friends! It is an excellent product. 


I have used this product for some time and it is wonderful and very effective. I have not only recommended it to many people but have also shared a tube with several dear friends who are now steady users. It is great. 


“PAIN BUST•R II is the best there is. I have tried other pain meds there is no comparison. It has gotten me through many, many nights of pain in my back and legs from arthritis. I won’t be without it. Where I go, it goes!”


“Thank you for a wonderful product!! PAIN BUST•R II gives the ultimate relief of pain due to arthritis. Since I started using it, I have been getting soothing sleep at night that I just wasn’t getting before.”


“PAIN BUST•R II works great on my arthritis. It is not only fantastic at reducing pain but it works very quickly. It has made my life manageable. Thank you so much!!”